Double glazing in uPVC, and more latterly PVCu, frames has been the common place in homes in the United Kingdom since the 1970’s. While it quickly got in popularity, it did have its detractors. Among the primary problems about PVCu double glazing was that the frames just looked like low-cost plastic, the frames all looked the exact same and did not contribute to the aesthetics of a house.

Much of the criticism of “plastic windows” looks had a point. In the beginning, uPVC had a really plain and dull quality to it. It definitely didn’t look as robust, authentic or filled with character of more standard wood window frames and components.

However, a lot has actually altered throughout the years and new technologies imply that modern PVCu double glazing gives you control over the style, colour, and even the finish of your brand-new windows.

Over the last 20 years alone, there have actually been great strides made in the technology behind the construction of double-glazed windows and the products used in them. This has indicated there is terrific variety available when it concerns aspects such as style, colour and the finish.

You can still choose the classic white and smooth PVCu if that’s what will go best with your property. You don’t need to make that compromise if you want the advantage of double glazing and PVCu, but want to uphold, keep and even enhance the traditional and old-fashioned aesthetic appeals of your home on both the outside and interior.

In addition to all those fantastic aesthetic benefits, you also get the increased thermal and sound insulation that comes from double glazing. Are the wood-effect foils any great though? Surely you can tell the difference.

Well the reality is you really can’t. At Evolution, we’ve had many specialists state that unless you look closely and check the finest of information, our wood-effect window options will fool almost anyone.

Another fantastic advantage of using PVCu is that it’s created to look like wood is extremely low upkeep. Like all PVCu, the most you require to do to it is tidy it with a damp cloth and some water and mild detergent – that’s all. You don’t ever require to put the time or effort to preserve the look of those timber-effect windows as you would with the genuine thing.

Among the most significant enhancements with double glazing and PVCu fixtures is the fact that you don’t even need to opt for white or a coloured plastic try to find your windows.

In addition, contemporary manufacturing strategies means that brand-new windows can duplicate the look of wood butt joints, that than the angled welded joint typical on older PVCu window frames.

One of the other ways that contemporary PVCu double glazing has actually been developed and built to not look as low-cost and ugly as they did in the past is by the choice of furnishings readily available. You can now quickly have more traditional fixings and furniture, like real cast-iron detailing and manages added to contemporary timber-effect windows.

This helps to offer it a genuinely genuine and advanced appeal that opposes the cheap and plastic look that so many people are put off by.

So, if you have long been against having double glazing, especially PVCu windows, set up in your residential or commercial property. We hope you can see that things have carried on and are very different from the way they used to be. You can still have those classic windows, and all the looks, with the enticing elements of non-timber windows, such as:

  • Simpler and less associated with maintaining them.
  • Simpler to clean.
  • Better thermal insulation.
  • Much better sound insulation.
  • Much better security versus the elements.
  • Will not break down, warp or otherwise damage with changes in temperatures.

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